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The new video for "Yellowknife":



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It's Here!
Blessed Geography is now

Listen to the album, download it, read short
descriptions of the songs and the lyrics at the
album's bandcamp site.

After breaking up in 2012, The Disgruntled Sherpa Project reunited in the summer of 2014 and headed directly into the studio. Over the course of the fall and winter the band wrote and recorded 13 tracks that spanned rock, folk, country and blues and incorporated instruments such as the trumpet, cello, French horn and ukulele along with their normal two guitars, bass, piano and drums sound.

Although not written as a theme album, it is a geographical journey that begins in the worn torn jungles of Nicrauga and ends on a calm, warm midsummer's night in North Wildwood, NJ with stops along the way in western Canada, suburban America, sunbaked Latin America, South Florida, rural Pennsylvania, Civil War era Virginia, Afghanistan and the Midwest. This landscape is populated by thieves, killers, drug smugglers, gun runners, down on their luck musicians and bar patrons, soldiers, star crossed lovers, entitled millenials, defiant working men struggling to survive, tortured souls, nostalgic Southern Rock fans and loving mothers.






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