The History of The Sherpa Project

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The Story of the Sherpa

In the winter of 1875 Phineas T. Applebaum, a mountaineer with a bad case of gout, set up a base camp in the Himalayan mountains and promptly starved to death. His business partner back in Wales, J. Marcus Reid set out to find Applebaum's wallet seeing as though Applebaum died while 75 pounds in debt to Reid.

When Reid arrived in the foothills he immediately fell in love the region, the culture and especially the women having conducted several affairs with the local female population who, as a result, gave Reid five bastard sons (Araceli, Pemba, Lhakpa, Thinh and Todd).

These children grew up and worked the mountains as Sherpas. And they worked hard. In their down time they developed a style of music all their own. A mixture of chanting, Indian Ragas and Drum and Bass House Music. Having tired of lugging their asses up and down mountains all day assisting ungrateful and in some cases abusive English and German Mountaineers, Araceli--the group's unquestionable leader, said, "Screw this shit; I'm going to America." And his four half brothers followed him.

They settled in Western Kansas in the flatest land they could find. To make ends meet they started busking on street corners honing their musical skills that they developed in the mountains of Nepal and playing under the name "The Disgruntled Sherpas". In 1939 they were discovered in Topeka by Benjamin Howser, a talent scout and sent on tour. They became one the country's greatest musical attractions giving command performances first for District Assemblymen and then Mayors, then Governors, the Pope and even the great FDR himself in the rose garden of the White House. Pemba shocked the nation by drunkenly mooning a very flattered Elanor Roosevelt. Lhakpa then made headlines himself for his brief marriage to Rita Hayworth. The Half Brothers were living high on the hog and then...WAR BROKE OUT. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and pulled the United States into the Second World War. It was time for action and once again Araceli spoke up for the group and said, "Screw this shit. We're not even citizens. Let's go back to Nepal." And so they did.

In 2002 the children's children of the original Disgruntled Sherpas formed The Disgruntled Sherpa Project, having all serendiptiously answered the same Help Wanted ad for a local music store and failing to secure the copyright of "The Disgruntled Sherpas". Teaching themselves how to play using the store's equipment they immediately began recording and playing the small clubs and eventually bigger venues of the mid Atlantic region. As the lineup has changed the band only accepts members who can trace their family roots to the original cowardly Disgruntled Sherpas who fled back to Nepal to avoid the War.

And now you know the rest of the story...

Current Lineup:

Joe Boylan--Grandson of Thinh: Guitars, harmonica, banjo, vocals (Feb. 2002 - Present)
Walt Mamaluy--Grandson of Pembra: Bass, percussion, sleigh bells, vocals (Feb 2002 - Present)
George Wright--Grandson of Pembra, brother of Walt: Guitars, vocals (September 2002 - Present)
Reginald DeJesus--Grandson of Todd: Lead guitars, vocals (September 2009 - Present)
John Vasudevan--Grandson of Lhapka: Drums, nice smile (January 2010 - Present)

The dearly departed:
Disco Dan Perry--Grandson of Thinh, cousin of Joe: Guitars, mandolin, dulcimer (2002 - 2008)
Mike Davis--Grandson of Pembra: Drums (2002)
Joe MacKale--Grandson of Todd: Keyboards (2002)
Chris Garafalo--Grandson of Arceli: Drums (2002 - 2003)
Wayne Lee--Grandson of Both Pembra and Todd: Drums (2003 - 2008)
Naxerima Steel--Grandson of Pembra: Drums (2008 - 2009)
Jason Jeffries--Grandson of Todd: Vocals (2002 - 2003)